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Hi guys. I'm Mr Fuck Buddy and I have screwed hundreds of women over the last few years, most of whom I met online at adult dating sites. These women were all after the same thing I was... casual sex without the hassle a relationship brings. I slowly but surely built up a contact list of hot fuck buddies. So now if I'm ever feeling horny, I grab my phone and hook up with a sex friend for a quick booty call or arrange to meet up for a quickie. Sweet!

Read on and I'll tell you how to do it all from your computer, tablet or mobile and which are the best dating sites to get you a no frills one night stand...

The biggest and best adult dating site on the net is Free Lifetime Fuckbook. I've had most of my success through them simply because they have the most amount of girls on their database waiting to be fucked. They have over 32 million members including 10 million women.

It's so easy to get in touch with women and start with some naughty instant messaging before moving on to meeting up for a casual sex encounter. Some are lonely housewives looking for an affair, others are nymphos who need a different guy every week. But most are regular, modern girls who just can't be bothered with the traditional dating scene to get sex.

To get started, click on this link to find the free sign-up process so you can start browsing the profiles. Then come back here and read my guide on how to use this awesome site to get girls to meet you for a casual shag.


Tips on Getting Laid

So, you've joined an adult dating site - what now? Read on and let Mr Fuck Buddy tell you how to get a girl to hook up with you and have a one night stand...

It's simply a numbers game guys. The more girls you send messages to, the more chance some will reply. Don't expect to send one message to a hottie and expect her to get back to you asking to be her sex buddy. Chances are she won't, especially if she's a stunner. On average you can expect to send 20 messages to get one reply, and even then you probably won't get anything more than some flirty chat (and maybe some revealing sessions on her webcam if you're lucky!)

However, in my experience one in 10 replies will actually end up with you getting laid. So doing the math, you probably need to send 200 messages to actually get some sex. So send 20 a day and you should have a shiny new FuckBuddy within a couple of weeks - result!


What is a Fuck Buddy anyway?

It's a fairly modern term to describe a partner you meet just for sex with no strings attached. I've heard it referred to as many things - a huckleberry friend (or huck finn), a friend with benefits (or a boyfriend / girlfriend with benefits).

Fuck buddes might be single or married. So if you want something low key and discreet, fucking married women who've grown bored with hubby may be for you. There are plenty on these sites, believe me. Read on and I'll tell you how to hook up with local sluts on these sex sites.

Aim lower for better results

There's no point just messaging the stunners with long legs, cute asses and huge tits. That's a huuuuge rookie mistake unlikely to get you any no strings sex. Just imagine how many messages they get! Unless you look like Brad Pitt and have a 12 inch dick, forget it, there's too much competition from 22 million other horndogs. By all means give it a go, but don't only go for the 10 out of 10 ladies.

If you're average looking, aim for the 6 or 7 out of 10s. Like in real life, if you go for the 3 out of 10s you're more likely to pick up girls than if you go for the 8s. So the key is to message across the whole spectrum. Email a few 4s, a few 6s, a few 8s and the odd 10. You never know, you might strike lucky with a real babe, but at least you're giving yourself an excellent chance of guaranteed sex with Miss Average.

Also, it's easy to spot the real skanks who will shag anything. If you'll put your dick in any hole and are not too fussy, seek out the hoe's for a quick easy lay. They stand out a mile, trust me.

Don't be a gentleman, be direct

These females are not on Fuckbook to be wined, dined and smooth talked. They are there for the same thing as you - sex. If you went up to a busty girl in a bar with the opening line of "Nice jugs, I'd love to bury my head in those. What are my chances sweet-cheeks?" chances are you'd be wearing her drink. But this is the exact thing you should be saying to women on these sex dating sites (don't use Adult Friend Finder by the way, it's rubbish). They don't want to sit through the bullshit of a couple of dates exchanging family tales and job descriptions. They want to be approached by direct, dirty boys who can give them a good seeing to. Be naughty, not nice - nice guys finish last and don't get fuck budies.

Check out your competition

Do a search of men looking for women to see the other guys profiles and check out how they present themselves. You may be surprised that profile pics are often not of their faces, but a body shot of some dude sitting in a chair stroking his boner. This is not the sort of thing you'd see on Dating Direct or, but it's the exact thing the women want from a sex dating site. So research the other guys profiles and copy them because the chances are they've been members for a while and have had lots of sex already, so what they're doing works.


These ladies want a cock up them!





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